Energy Boost Supplements

Energy Boost Supplements

Maintaining your energy levels throughout the day can be challenging, particularly after working a long day and tending to your various responsibilities. Many of us look towards things like caffeine and coffee to give us that extra boost, and while this may be effective, there are other ways to treat low energy.

Several things can contribute to low energy and tiredness, including a lack of sleep, an inadequate diet, or inactivity. You can improve these aspects of your life to prevent fatigue, but you can also supplement with specific nutrients and vitamins to fuel your body. This article will discuss the safest non-caffeine energy supplements.

Best supplements to increase energy


Traditional Asian medicine’s natural energy supplements include the plant ginseng as a powerful ingredient for various ailments. These include high cholesterol, low blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, stress, fatigue, and low energy. A meta-analysis evaluated ginseng, assessing four studies researching ginseng in the context of fatigue. Across all studies, ginseng supplementation generated statistically significant results, decreasing feelings of tiredness (1).

Beet Root

Beet root is another of many healthy energy-boosting supplements. It is a naturally grown ingredient in several foods, drinks, and candies. Traditional medicine utilizes beet root to improve several health conditions such as liver and kidney damage and cancer via its potent pharmacologic activity. It can also enhance energy levels, particularly in the context of exercise. Beet root lowers exercise energy consumption, so some athletes even leverage beet root to increase their energy (2).


Chlorophyll is the natural substance in plants that gives them their bright green color. It plays a significant role in the process of photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants generate energy from the sun into the essential nutrients they need to grow and develop. Chlorophyll has a variety of use cases across the skincare, oncology, and weight management realms. Some even postulate that it can increase energy levels (3).

Pine Bark

Pine bark is a powerful organic herbal supplement for energy. It contains procyanidins, which are natural antioxidant substances. In addition to its widespread medicinal uses, pine bark shows promise in increasing energy levels.

Consider taking pine bark before hitting the gym, as research shows particular promise in athletes. One study analyzed how pine bark treatment influenced the outcomes of a 100-minute triathlon. Participants who ingested pine bark had much better results than those who did not take pine bark. Treatment with pine bark was associated with the following

  • More sit-ups and push-ups
  • Better running, swimming, and biking scores
  • Less cramping and post-running pain

Because of its natural ability to fuel, pine bark may be a great addition to your pre-workout routine (4).

Lion’s Mane

Mushrooms are functional foods that are rich in nutrients and have therapeutic properties. Lion’s mane, called Hericium erinaceous, is an antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic supplement. Researchers have studied lion’s mane in the context of depression, a mental health disorder associated with fatigue and restlessness. It has potential antidepressant effects and thus may mitigate fatigue and low energy associated with depression (5).


Rhodiola is native to the high altitudes of Europe and Asia. It is a flowering plant possessing energy-producing qualities. Individuals may use Rhodiola to increase energy levels, decrease fatigue, and increase endurance levels (6).


Ashwagandha is a potential all-day energy supplement that decreases pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It is implicated in important chemical reactions within the mitochondria. Mitochondria are essential for producing energy within the body’s cells (7).

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is an herb species thought to have some health advantages. Goat weed has certain chemicals that may increase blood flow, leading to downstream effects throughout the body. It may improve blood circulation and sexual dysfunction (e.g., erectile dysfunction).

Benefits of our vegan supplements for energy

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In addition to high-energy supplements for women and men, you can beat fatigue by fueling your body through food. A nutritious diet full of natural, whole foods is the best way to support your energy levels into the afternoon and nighttime. To give you that extra boost, follow these tips for your meals: 

  • Avoid ingesting processed and fast food, added or refined sugar, and junk food 
  • Balance your meals with an array of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats 
  • Limit your intake of substances like alcohol and caffeine 
  • Fill your diet with a surplus of vegetables and fruit 
  • Take energy-increasing supplements without caffeine

In addition to a well-balanced diet and supplements, you can combat fatigue in several other ways. These include: 

  • Getting a full night’s sleep. Experts recommend an average of seven to eight hours of sleep every night for optimal functioning. Sleep is essential to maintaining the healthy function of your brain and body. In addition to low energy, sleep deprivation is associated with long-term health issues affecting your immune, respiratory, circulatory, and metabolic systems. 
  • Exercising regularly. In addition to keeping you physically fit, working out can increase energy levels. Physical activity increases your heart rate, moves blood, and produces endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel-good” hormones that contribute to energy. 
  • Minimize stress and control your workload. Your battery drains quicker when you have too many things on your plate and competing tasks. Look at your schedule and responsibilities and consider what you can cut out or outsource. By focusing on things that fuel you instead of drain you, this can naturally help with your energy levels.