As a member of our Loyalty Program, you'll be on your way to unlocking exclusive rewards with every purchase. Enroll effortlessly through our chatbot and start earning points today. Your commitment to well-being is about to pay off – enjoy the benefits that come with choosing Herbamama!

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Sign up for our LOYALTY PROGRAM (register via the chatbot).
To sign up via Instagram, click https://ig.me/m/herbamamasupplements, and for Facebook, use https://m.me/brandherbabrand.


Earn Points

EARN POINTS for each order and other actions.



REDEEM your points for free bottles or an online consultation with our herbalist.

Let’s go to the points

Earning points is simple! Just follow the chatbot's instructions and accumulate points for:



Receive 25 points for every order you place.



Share your thoughts and get 10 points for writing a product review.



Complete our quizzes and earn 10 points each time.


Instagram Follow

Gain 5 points by following us on Instagram.


Facebook Subscription

Get 5 points for subscribing to us on Facebook.

How to Use Your Points

Once you've accumulated enough points,  you can use them for:

Complimentary Bottles

Exchange 100 points for a variety of our premium herbal products. Select from a range of complimentary bottles of our top-notch offerings, and once you've earned enough points, a promotional code will be sent to your email for redemption.

Personal Online Consultation

Exchange 500 points for a personal online consultation guided by the distinguished UK naturopath and herbalist, Kieron Parsons. This exceptional consultation, valued at $150, allows you to tap into his profound insights at no cost.

P.S. With dual Master's degrees in Herbal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Kieron Parsons’s expertise encompasses clinical training, nutrition, and naturopathic techniques – all aimed at addressing health concerns at their core. 

Additionally, delve into Kieron's expertise and gain new insights by watching our informative video podcasts about botanicals: [here].

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Ready to unlock exclusive benefits? Enroll via our chatbot and start accumulating points today.
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Frequently Asked Question

Registration is effortless through our chatbot. Simply follow the prompts and you'll be on your way to earning rewards! To register via Instagram, use https://www.instagram.com/herbamamasupplements, and for Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brandherbabrand, visit shipping policy.

No worries – your rewards code remains valid until you decide to use it. Enjoy the flexibility to apply it when convenient for you.

Unfortunately, the offer is separate. While you can redeem a code for a complimentary bottle, the free consultation benefit doesn't accompany this transaction.

Points are non-transferable and can only be used for rewards within your own account.

Unfortunately, the offer is separate. While you can redeem a code for a complimentary bottle, the free consultation benefit doesn't accompany this transaction.

Write the code word "SCORE" in the chatbot, and it will display the number of points you've earned.

Points can only be redeemed for the rewards specified in our program and cannot be exchanged for cash or refunds.

Policy Program

Participation in our Loyalty Program is available to all customers who register through our chatbot. By joining, you're on your way to enjoying exclusive rewards with each purchase.

Earn points by completing actions such as placing orders, writing product reviews, completing quizzes, and following us on social media. These points can be applied towards subscription orders or redeemed for complimentary bottles of our premium herbal products. You also have the option to access a personal online consultation with our herbalist Kieron Parsons, using your points.

Your rewards code has no expiry date, offering flexibility to apply it when convenient for you. While you can redeem points for complimentary bottles, this offer is separate from the free consultation benefit.

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