The Connection Between Gut Health and Acne

If you've seen our blogs and social media posts, you know that we're all about healthy living. That includes a holistic approach to skin health and wellness. Acne can be caused by many factors, but it seems like most of them are environmental or dietary in nature. 

One factor that does seem related to acne breakouts however is the state of your gut health!

For most of us, our gut is a goldmine of bacteria, good and bad. In the intestines alone, there are trillions of bacteria that can have either helpful or harmful effects on your body depending on what they encounter. 

The gut is like an ecosystem, and ecosystems need to be in a healthy environment to not just survive, but thrive! 

The majority of cells that control your immune system reside in the gut and if there is an abundance of harmful bacteria in the gut, this can impact your entire immune system - including your skin.



More and more studies are delving into the link between skin and gut health, and they all tend to agree on the same point: your gut health can be improved (and therefore, your acne) with the help of prebiotics and probiotics!

These are beneficial forms of bacteria and microorganisms that work to balance out bacteria levels within the gut, helping improve health all over the body.

That's where our Organic Chicory Root Capsules come in! With organic Chicory Root as the main ingredient in every capsule, this product works to take proper care of your digestive system with the help of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that promotes proper digestion, colon function, and regular bowel movements.

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