All About Chicory Root

 Did you know that one in every four Americans experience indigestion, marked by a burning sensation in the abdomen, bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms.
There are many different causes of indigestion, including factors like your lifestyle, sensitivities to certain foods and ingredients, and poor nutrition.
It may seem like you’re doomed to experience indigestion for the rest of your life, but the truth is that indigestion is actually something you can put a stop to!
Looking after your digestive health is a great way to do so - and we can help with our Best-selling Chicory Capsules by Herbamama!
How does chicory root help with your body?
Keep on reading to find out!

It Helps With Digestion

First of all, chicory root is a great way to address digestive problems… the natural way!
That’s because it’s a fantastic source of inulin, a water soluble fiber that functions as a prebiotic to help keep a healthy balance of bacteria throughout your gut.
That’s why every serving of our Chicory Capsules contains 1200 mg of organic chicory root powder!
Chicory root and the inulin it contains also may help to reduce the pH levels of your intestines, along with speeding up the absorption of essential nutrients, including calcium and manganese.
But that’s not all! 

It Helps Your Liver

Does your liver need some long overdue TLC?

Thankfully, chicory root is naturally rich in different vitamins and minerals that work together to assist your liver’s enzymes to make sure that they’re working properly.

They may also help to reduce cellular damage, promote liver detoxification (cleaning out all the bad stuff), and even reduce oxidative stress!

All of these individual factors work together to provide a defensive boost to your body’s main organ for detoxification, your liver! 

It Helps Fuel Your Brain

If you’re searching for an organic, healthy way to sharpen your focus and stay keen the whole day, our Chicory Capsules are a great way to promote fast metabolism in the brain, helping to facilitate unobstructed flow of oxygen to your central nervous system!
This creates a soothing sensation to help slow you down and keep you calm, while helping improve alertness and cognitive function. 
Chicory root is pretty amazing for your health. Between it’s high nutrient content and the levels of inulin inside, it’s a great way to:
  • Take Proper Care of Your Digestive System
  • Assist Liver Enzymes in Breaking Down Food
  • Increase Oxygen Flow
  • Help Soothe the Central Nervous System
  • Assist Immunity
  • Improve Colon Function and Regular Bowel Movements
For a dietary form of chicory root that is pure as it can be, check out our Chicory Capsules!
Organic chicory root is the only ingredient, with no unwanted fillers, GMOs, artificial coloring, artificial flavor, or preservatives! 
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